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We Help Individual’s Like You Start-up Your Dream.

  • Are you an Entrepreneur starting up a business or non-profit organization for the very first time?
  • Are you an individual dreaming about owning a home-based business or chartiable organization and need some help getting is rolling?
  • Have you already launched your business, and need help with strategic planning, lead generation, and/or looking to bring it to a NEW LEVEL?
  • Do you need to generate additional revenue streams of income or operations?
  • Are you struggling with raising capital to start your business or non-profit?
  • Is your family, and friends telling you that starting a business requires LOTs of money, time and commitment?


If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you are absolutely ready to venture into the world of being an Entreprenuer/Business owner.  LET’s Get Started!

We will provide new business start-up services for today’s entrepreneur. With emphasis on the inner entrepreneur, we can help you increase your prosperity so you can grow your home-based business into a six figure success.

Working with our professional startup consultants, we will help you:


Using a process that has helped people identify their passions, we will help you:

  • Identify your top favorite skills and interests.
  • Brainstorm over your idea and options based on your skills and interests.
  • Work on a vision statement
  • Develop an ACTION PLAN to clarify, strengthen, and verify your business goal.
  • Engage in Marketing Strategies, Branding, Affiliations
  • Create or Review your Business Plan


Additional Services

  • Bookkeeping  (couple of hours a week to help you keep you books in order)
  • Setup your accounting system
  • CRM, Lead Generation
  • Marketing Plan
  • Web Development
  • Non-Profit: Fund Development
  • Non-Profit: Create Volunteer Program
  • Non-Profit: Financial Accounting
  • Non-Profit: Strategic Planning
  • Non-Profit: Program Evaluation and Assessment
  • Non-Profit: Board Development and Governance
  • Non-Profit: Organizational Assessment
  • Non-Profit: Security & Safety Assessment


AxcessWIRED Consultants creates meaningful and impactful consulting engagements for organizations of all sizes and stages of life cycle. In addition to servicing the needs of mid-size and large nonprofit entities, AxcessWIRED can design affordable “entry level” projects for organizations undertaking assessment, planning, fund development, and Board development






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